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   I first had the pleasure of meeting Dave in June of 2005 when fishing the South Fork of the Snake River and we had a great time.  Little did I know this was the first meeting of an extended relationship founded on our combined passion for fly fishing.  Our next encounter  was a year later prior to the filming of a Sporting Fly episode on the South Fork.  I asked Dave if he would take some still photos that I could use on my Snake River Outfitters.com website.  Dave and Elaine, his wife, joined me for a short ride upriver.  Dave began filming me and prompting me during a 45 minute photo and filming session.  Two weeks later to my surprise, I received a DVD in the mail that was most impressive.  So professional, in fact, that I continue to sell copies of that instructional Spey Casting DVD to this day.
   I appreciate Dave's professional and forthright manner regarding both business and personal relationships.  He always does his level best to give you more than you expect.  Above all, Dave followed through on every project we have worked on with regard to the minute details to the big picture.  He made sure that the projects were completely professional and fun. 

Lee Davison
Snake River Outfitters/CND
Spey Casting Instructor

I had the pleasure of working with Dave in 2006 while he was filming the Snake River for the Sporting Fly Productions. I arrived in the morning expecting to be rowing the camera boat. Instead, Dave had decided to film in my boat. Dave made me feel at ease with the cameras and made the day relaxing and enjoyable.  In addition to being an excellent angler, Dave is a gracious host and has great vision for putting together a film. He is dedicated to the sport of fly fishing, its history and its innovations. It was a pleasure working with Dave on his video production.

Brenda Swinney
Professional Guide
South Fork Of The Snake River

I have known Dave and Elaine since I bought the Slide Inn.  The one thing you will find about Dave is that he is a no-BS type of guy, honest to a fault, and always looking to do a perfect job in anything he does.  Dave's commitment to growing and teaching our sport through his work is truly exceptional in our business.  Simply put, it has always been a pleasure to work with Dave and Elaine.

Kelly Galloup
Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn
Madison River MT

    It is with great pleasure that I am able to offer a few words of praise for Dave Long.  I have known and worked  with Dave over the past several years.  I know him to be a very honest and caring person.  His warm handshake is his bond, what more could a person say.  Dave is very likeable and very easy to work with.  On our last video production for the Sporting Fly, Dave and I worked together and it was Dave's great narration that led to the successful finish of the DVD on the Madison River.  I look forward to working with and fishing with Dave again this summer.
Bob Jacklin
Jacklin's Fly Shop
West Yellowstone MT    


   I have worked with Dave Long on several video projects over the past five years. A unique enthusiasm, vision, and dedication permeates all his work, and his willingness to create a quality product inspires confidence and goodwill. Dave's passion to capture the nuances of flyfishing in video makes it fun to do business with him. At Sweetgrass Rods we plan to continue our association with Dave on future projects for years to come.

Jerry Kustich
Co-Owner Sweetgrass Rods
Twin Bridges, Montana

   "I have worked closely with LongVenture Productions and Dave Long on several video projects over the past three years.  Dave's unique ability to combine fifty years of fly-fishing experience with video techniques provide you with a great combination of skills.  Moreover, his talent on camera provides you with a truly sincere, credible and warm presence for your video project.

     "Perhaps Dave's most valuable asset is his integrity. You can trust that Dave will deliver exactly as he promises with a very strong and determined work ethic that is hard to find these days.  Your project will be on time with a very professional and proven fly-fishing personality that you can count on."

Steve Middlesworth
Middleswort Consulting, LLC
Hershey, PA

    I've known Dave for 45 years of which time he has demonstrated the exceptional qualities that have enabled him to become one of the most successful educators and coaches in the west.  Dave's background as a dedicated educator has now led him down the path of equal success in the visual presentation world.  Dave has a unique way in which he can understand a viewpoint, develop and produce it into a very organized and entertaining video. Dave can truly capture the moment.

Rick Arnold
Trout Unlimited
Bozeman Montana

     Dave is a very determined and accomplished videographer and on-air personality.  His ability to take a video project from conception to completion, with all the necessary details is quite remarkable. Dave presents himself as a very knowledgeable and sincere fly-fishing host with a warm personable nature that translates very naturally to the overall video project.  His most important asset is his integrity and commitment to people.  He gives 100% every time out and developes a quality video project that is both entertaining and informative.

Omer K Dersom
Corral Life

     LongVenture have produced several videos for me, that have brought me together with many fisherman. Dave has edited and placed clips on You Tube.
These clips have been a way to make contact with anglers and expand knowledge of my home waters.  It has also been a way to share experiences with friends and family across the country.  After my first trip with Dave we became friends and now I look forward to our annual get together to wet a line.  Dave and his wonderful wife are the nicest and easiest people you will ever work with, he is very accommodating to what you are looking for.  Dave has wet a line everywhere and his skills show it. As a guide trying to get people on fish and show your craft it is nice to have someone who can fish extremely well.  Give LongVenture a call and odds are you will get a product you will enjoy and a fishing buddy whose enthusiasm will show in your final product.
 Chip Hodlmair
 Pro Guide
 San Juan River  NM

  "I worked with Dave Long when he did the DVD "A Tribute to Fly Tying"that included my father, Al Trouth, inventor of the Elk Hair Caddis. Dave was very friendly and easy to work with, and, importantly, he delivered on what he said he would do for us. In addition to the DVD he marketed, he also created a precious heirloom version for our family with additional material not included in the production version. Not only was Dave respectful of my father's health
condition (Parkinson's) while filming and descrete in his editing, he has also been personally caring enough to check in with our family from time to time. When a new video project came up for me recently, I felt very comfortable going directly to Dave."

Eric Troth
Dillon, Montana


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