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     Dave Long has fished for:  Bonefish at Christmas Island and
the Bahamas, all  species of Salmon in Alaska, Dorado and
Sailfish in Mexico, Tarpon in Key West, Steelhead in British Columbia and California, and Trout throughout the Western United States.  He has explored the rivers of Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, and California.
      Whether you  are casting dry flies on the surface or nymphing on the bottom, we can capture that experience.
       Dave has hosted the series "SportingFly" <www.sportingfly.com> 
He has hosted and co-produced "I Want To Learn How To Fly Fish."
       If you want to view some of the short films we have produced for clients, take a look at the YOU TUBE site <Lompoc35> 
       Dave has pursued his dream of working with many of the finest fly anglers in the country.  Give LongVenture a call (805) 733-3801 and see if we can put a package together that will meet your business and fly fishing needs. <davelong@rain.org> ChipAndDave
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